The Waltz is the main event at any quince. Period.
The Surprise Dance is not so much a surprise anymore
as it is a second dessert for your guests!
Let us help you create a beautiful ceremony through dance. 


Nuestro servicio de coreografia incluye
- Musica coordinada a su gusto combinando al tema de su evento para su Vals y Baile Sorpresa
- Coreografia coordinada de acuerdo a sus Tradiciones familiares y nivel de experiecia.
- Local de practica en el Valle de San Fernando
- Asistencia en Coordinacion el dia del evento

DDB 2023 Pricing Packages

The Works Traditional Short & Sweet
Waltz, Surprise Dance Silhouette Waltz & Surprise Dance Waltz Only
# of Rehealsals; 2 Hrs Each 12 9 5
# of Dancers Included 10 10 10
Dress Rehearsal @Event Venue (When allowed) YES! YES! YES!
Day of Event Waltz Portion Coordination YES! YES! Available as Add-On
Music Selection Assistance and Editing YES! YES! YES!
Rehearsal Venue in SFV YES! YES! YES!
Waltz Choreography Entrance, Family Dances, Formal Waltz Entrance, Formal Waltz Formal Waltz
SURPRISE DANCE Up to 5 Songs Up to 5 Songs Available as Add-On
Silhouette YES! Available as Add-On Available as Add-On
Mom/Dad-Daughter Surprise Dance (Max 3 Songs) Available as Add-On Available as Add-On Available as Add-On
$1,650.00 $1,450.00 $850.00
Deposit required for Booking $550.00 $550.00 $550.00
Add On Services
Additional Rehearsals $100
Additional Dancers $50/Dancer
Additional Music Editing $60.00 Call us: (818) 485-5414
Mileage Fee for Offsite Rehearsals $200 Minimum Text Us: ‪(818) 814-6136‬
Email Us: diazdebaile@gmail.com
DM us @diazdebaile
Silhouette/Mirror Dance $150.00 to Book Your Contract Today!
Mom/Dad-Daughter Surprise Dance (Max 3 Songs) $150.00


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Traditional Waltz & Surprise Dance $1,450
The Works Waltz, Surprise Dance Silhouette $1,650
Short & Sweet Waltz Only $850


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