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Event Staff

You Do Not Have To Do It Alone! Hire a helping hand who is thoroughly vetted by our Event Planning team. Hiring experienced and knowledgeable event staff can help guarantee a seccessful event.

From setup to breakdown there are a sleuth of tasks that can be delegated and free you up to Enjoy your event. Here are a few ideas: - Help setup tables and chairs -Food serving -Greeting guests -Showing guests to their table -Guarding/managing the dessert station -Event breakdown and -Cleaning up after the event.

Price is per Staff. Maximum 3 hours.

Event Planning Services

You Don't Have To Do It At ALL! Don't know where to start? Don't want to bother with the details? Hire a professional event planner to run the show for you. There are different packages available according to your needs. Call us today to go over your event!

Candy Tables & ​Dessert Stations

Dessert Stations Include: Matching decore for your event theme. Drape backdrop. Props to match your theme. A variety of baked goods and candy. Cake Stands, Candy bowls, and a Menu Sign.

Deposit Only Online. Packages start at $3.50/person


Whether it's Taco Tuesday or Fiesta Friday our all-inclusive taco catering service is a great choice for serving your guests some delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. Our Taquiza staff come equipped with all the condiments and sides for a traditional taco platter and more. Book us for your next Mexican Fiesta Themed event!

Two Catering Staff
Your choice of Flour or Corn tortillas
Meat Options: Asada, Al Pastor, Chicken
Vegetarian Options: Quesadillas, Fajitas
Condiments: Cilantro, Onion, Red & Green Salsa
Sides: Beans & Rice
Beverages: Two 5-Gallon Barrels of your choice of Agua Fresca
Agua Fresca Options: Cucumber Fresa, Jamaica, Horchata, Piña, Limon
Utencils: Plates, cups, forks, and napkins
Catering Menu Sign
Add-Ons available at additional cost:Add-Ons available at additional cost:

Handmade Tortillas
Serving Staff
Salsa Bar (Self-Serve)
Raspados, Elotes & Esquites Station (attended)
Nacho Station (attended)


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Event Staff $150 Starts From
Event Planning Services $1,250 Starts From
Candy Tables & ​Dessert Stations $350 Starts From


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